Review of Food Labelling Law and Policy

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Initial Public Consultation

The initial round of public consultation for the Review of Food Labelling Law and Policy commenced on 26 October 2009, when stakeholders were invited to make brief submissions on food labelling issues for consideration by the Panel, within the Terms of Reference for the Review. The consultation concluded on 20 November 2009 and the Review Panel received more that 6000 submissions. A summary of the issues raised in the submissions to the initial consultation period is available and is also included at Appendix C of the Final Report of the Review of Food Labelling Law and Policy.

Summary of the Submissions to the Initial Public Consultation (PDF 49 KB)

Second Public Consultation

The Review of Food Labelling Law and Policy Issues Consultation Paper is available below, and summarises the issues that were raised in the first round of submissions to the Review, as well as issues in the literature and media in recent years. The Paper elaborates on the Review’s Terms of Reference and was prepared by the Panel to stimulate thinking and debate.

The Issues Consultation Paper was released on 5 March 2010 and formed the basis of the Panel’s second round of public consultation. All stakeholders were encouraged to make written submissions in response to the issues and questions raised in the Paper. The closing date for providing these submissions was 14 May 2010. The Review Panel considered all of the submissions received during this period of consultation. The written submissions to the Panel during the second round of consultation are publicly available.

Issues Consultation Paper (PDF 72 KB)
Issues Consultation Paper (Word 197 KB)

Issues Consultation Paper - Questions only (PDF 34 KB)
Issues Consultation Paper - Questions only (Word 132 KB)

Submission guidelines

Final Report of the Review of Food Labelling Law and Policy

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