Review of Food Labelling Law and Policy

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Part 4 - Food labelling presentation (Q21-Q28)

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Q21. Should minimum font sizes be specified for all wording?

No Response

Q22. Are there ways of objectively testing legibility and readability? To what extent should objective testing be required?

No Response

Q23. How best can the information on food labels be arranged to balance the presentation of a range of information while minimising information overload?

No Response

Q24. In what ways can consumers be best informed to maximise their understanding of the terms and figures used on food labels?

An education program must be introduced along with the introduction of the new food labelling.

Q25. What is an appropriate role for government in relation to use of pictorial icons on food labels?

The government regulatory body can insist on a uniform icon ie: traffic light symbol. (currently being used in the UK)

Q26. What objectives should inform decisions relevant to the format of front-of-pack labelling?

No Response

Q27. What is the case for food label information to be provided on foods prepared and consumed in commercial (e.g., restaurants, take away shops) or institutional (schools, pre-schools, worksites) premises?
If there is a case, what information would be considered essential?

No Response

Q28. To what degree should the Food Standards Code address food advertising?

Claims made by advertisers must be able to be substantiated or they will be asked to retract by the government regulatory body.

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