Review of Food Labelling Law and Policy

Communique M1 25 November 2009

Printable version of Communique M1 (PDF 12 KB)

The Food Labelling Law and Policy Review Committee (the Committee) held its first meeting on Wednesday 25 November 2009. The members of the Committee are former Australian Health Minister, Dr Neal Blewett AC, public health law academic Dr Chris Reynolds, economic and consumer behaviour expert Dr Simone Pettigrew, food and nutrition policy academic Associate Professor Heather Yeatman, and food industry communications, marketing and corporate affairs professional Nick Goddard. Brief biographies of the Committee members are available from this website.

The Committee is committed to ensuring that the review considers all relevant issues, and as such on 26 October 2009 a call was made for individuals and organisations to make brief submissions about labelling issues the panel should consider, within the scope of the terms of reference. This initial submissions round was designed to identify issues that the public would like to be considered as part of the review, and stakeholders were asked to provide data, evidence and/or documentation to support their views, where possible. This round closed on 20 November 2009 and over 5500 submissions were received. The Committee is currently reviewing these submissions.

There will be further opportunity to make more comprehensive submissions, including through public consultations, as the review progresses. To facilitate consultation the panel has agreed to develop a discussion paper to be released publicly in early 2010, followed by a lengthy period of public consultation including public consultation meetings. Written submissions will also be invited at that time. A schedule for consultations is currently being developed.

The dates and locations for these meetings will be announced once they have been set.

Further details about the process will be published on the website once they become available.

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